ISystems with its deep custom-tailored approach addressed FMB Nigeria’s Disaster Recovery needs. With expertise in Disaster Recovery planning, Business Continuity, and systems implementation, we helped FMB Nigeria to achieve its continuity of operations goals at the lowest cost possible. ISystems provided FMBN a team of 4 highly trained security engineers and analysts dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible. Each analyst has significant high-level experience in the fields of Disaster Recovery Planning, Risk Analysis, Program Planning, training, and technical solutions deployment. This approach ensured the objectives of the project were met, FMB Nigeria staff where trained to execute and ensure FMB Nigeria was able to withstand a potential disaster. Our expert team used our robust suite of tools to analyze the current environment, develop a recommended Disaster Recovery Solution. Throughout each phase of the program, ISystems team was in close contact with FMB Nigeria’s staff. Our tightly integrated approach ensured that FMB Nigeria’s strategies and business objectives are well-supported by the solution ISystems implements, positioning FMB Nigeria for years of prosperous growth with the knowledge that its Disaster Recovery solution has been soundly architected with the future in mind. Within this project, TruShield provided detailed explanations of the service offered to FMB Nigeria, which comprised of the following body of work: • Disaster Recovery Planning Initiation • Information Gathering and Analysis • Recovery Strategy Development • Disaster Recovery Solution Implementation • Disaster Recovery Plan Training and Maintenance